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Tirzah Dine

Tirzah Dine


Hi! I am Tirzah and here’s a little bit about me:)

Jesus has saved me from so much anxiety and I am so blessed to not know what my life would be like without Him!

I grew up in a Christian family as a missions and pastors kid, so there hasn’t been a time in my life where I didn’t know the love of Jesus. For part of my childhood, my family and I were missionaries among Muslims from the Middle East. It was such a special season to grow up in a different culture, gain a heart for the unreached, learn that there is so much more outside of the Christian bubble that I grew up in, be able build friendships with Muslims and share the love of Jesus with them, and truly find my own relationship with Jesus.

I struggled with a lot of anxiety growing up that was really hard to go through, but now I am able to look back and see God’s faithfulness and be so thankful for that trial because it really made me see my own need for God. It has been a journey of learning to depend on God alone, replace fears with truth, and fully surrender my worries to God knowing that He is more than ENOUGH! While anxiety is still something that I have to deal with sometimes, I have found so much freedom and joy in Jesus!

After I graduated high school, God led me to do a Discipleship Training School(DTS) with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) fall of 2023 and it was so transformative. God revealed Himself to me in such a new and more personal way and I truly found Him to be so worthy of my life and future! I went on outreach to Northern Cyprus, where my team and I reached Muslim college students. We were building relationships with them, doing Bible studies, learning about what they believe, sharing the love of Jesus with them, and just being a loving friend to them. The Muslims that we were reaching are seeking and are so hungry for the truth!!

God gave me a heart for the people there and He opened the doors for me to return back in the fall to join the longterm team in Cyprus. We will be continuing to disciple college students and pioneering new ministries to reach more people there. In order to do so, I will be raising support to be able to go longterm.

In order to get a visa to be able to live in Northern Cyprus, I will need to raise $3,000/monthly. This will not only allow me to get a visa, but will also cover housing, groceries, transportation, and ministry expenses.

If you feel led, I would love for you to partner with me as God leads me to reach the people of Cyprus:)


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