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Tiago Baia

Tiago Baia


I'm Tiago Baia, a passionate media evangelist driven by the desire to reach people through the power of media.


With a background in digital storytelling and content creation, I've dedicated my life to spreading the message of hope and transformation to individuals around the world.


My ministry revolves around utilizing various forms of media to share the Gospel message and inspire others to pursue a deeper relationship with God. Whether it's through captivating videos, impactful social media campaigns, or engaging podcasts, I strive to creatively communicate the love and truth found in Jesus Christ to a diverse audience.


I am embarking on an exciting new chapter of my ministry journey, as I prepare to join a pioneering team in establishing a new base in Canterbury. This endeavor requires not only fervent prayer but also financial support to equip and empower individuals to go into the nations and spread the Good News effectively.


By joining me in prayer and contributing financially, you'll play a crucial role in enabling the expansion of God's kingdom and reaching even more lives with the transformative message of Jesus Christ. Together, we can make an eternal impact in the hearts and minds of people worldwide.


Thank you for considering partnering with me in this mission.



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