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Thiago Araujo

Thiago Araujo


My name is Thiago Rocha de Araujo. I am Brazilian, originally from Rio de Janeiro.

In 2022 I discovered DTS which is a missionary training school provided by YWAM Richmond. Since the day I attended this school, I have seen God guiding my life towards the center of His will, because in addition to DTS, God allowed me to attend an English school and also a Bible school. And in this Bible school I received a Word from God that He would be taking me to the nations as a teacher, pastor and prophet.

Since then, in addition to serving at YWAM Richmond as a worker, I am in constant prayer to be in the position that God has called me to, as the desire to be a DBS teacher is in my heart, serving the Kingdom of God as an itinerant teacher.

My purpose is to improve myself in Biblical teaching and with this, I pray to God that He will open the doors to my life, where I can also serve.

I count on your help so that I can develop my studies and be able to go to the nations where they need people who carry the Word of God. One of my wishes is to go to Israel for a 6-week Bible seminar and attend a BCC, a Bible school where you will study in the countries where the growth of Christianity began.

I count on your prayers and also your donations.


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