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Bible College Student

Selina Traviss

Selina Traviss


Hello! My name is Selina Traviss and I am currently enrolled in my first year of bible college at Canada Christian College!

To share a little bit about myself, I have been involved in different areas of ministry since I was about 16 years old. I have worked with youth, kids, worship, evangelism, young adults and media ministry.

I have a huge heart for this generation and seeing them live on fire for Jesus. I’m going to be starting out in a one year program in worship leadership. I chose worship specifically because this is the area of ministry that has impacted me the greatest in my walk with God. Growing up worshipping in my room alone is where God brought me through some of my darkest times in life. I then had the opportunity to start leading at my church at 17 years old.

I have also been writing songs for as long as I can remember. Songwriting is such a massive passion for me because I have personally experienced how one song can truly change so much. I want to see a generation that truly worships the Lord in spirit and in truth and can encounter Jesus in such a real and radical way.

My journey with singing has not been easy though, I have had a lot of health complications with my voice which led to having a surgery to remove a polyp from one of my vocal cords. Thankfully through a lot of prayer and proper treatment my voice is now so much healthier and stronger (praise God!!!) So after a lot of prayer and seeking God I have felt pushed to continue to pursue the call of worship. I have a burning desire to create biblically sound worship music that can lead people into a deeper revelation of Jesus and ultimately an encounter with Him.

This school can help equip me in many practical ways of growing as a singer/songwriter as well as teach me the theology of worship. It will also be a massive help to be a part of a community of believers who are also going after the call God has given them.

I have many dreams and goals to use what I learn and experience at bible college to equip and pour into this generation through different forms of media that I am very excited for!!

I would love it if you could partner with me in this journey either financially or through prayer!!

A small donation truly goes a long way and it will be a massive help to enable me to do what I feel called to do on a more full time scale.

God bless you!!

Love Selina

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