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Sam Shabak

Sam Shabak


Hey, I’m Sam!

2023 is a year I will remember forever. The year I tasted the goodness of God. I will never forget the best night of my life at a winter youth camp in 23’. Ever since then, God has spoken to me clearly, telling me when to move and when to stay. “Go to GWP missionary school.” I went. He provided. And now God is calling me to Vanuatu🇻🇺 And I know He will provide once again.

Vanuatu is going to require lots of construction, discipleship, and evangelisms. The people there are tribal, and unfortunately, many of them have strayed away from the Truth. Our goal is to just show the love of Christ everywhere we are, and preach the truth. But not just by our words, but through our actions.

The only problem is finances. The island is small, and everything is imported, so it is expensive to live there. To live in Vanuatu costs minimum 500 US dollars a month. That will cover my rent, food, bills, hygiene, and more.

What you can do:

• Fast/Pray

• Donate (down below)


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