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Journey Ministries

Sonny & Becky Misar

Sonny & Becky Misar


Sonny and Becky Misar have been in pastoral ministry since 1986. Together, they are called to: “Serve those who Serve, Minister to those who Minister and Equip those who Equip.” In 2010 they founded Journey Ministries, LLC and have authored two books: Journey to Authenticity and Journey to the Father. Sonny has been the Director of the Radiant Network since 2019 ministering nationally and internationally while based out of Radiant Church in Richland, Michigan. Married in 1987, they have four adult children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Many pastors, churches, missionaries and Christian workers need real hands-on care. Often they feel isolated and alone with no ‘safe’ person to lean on. Pastors are leaving the ministry at an alarming rate. Often, great churches get stuck and need outside consultation to help them move forward. Eldership teams need teaching and coaching on critical leadership issues. Missionaries are crying out for on-site support, training and resourcing. Church affiliations and missions agencies are doing what they can, but much more help is needed for those on the front lines of Kingdom expansion! The early church commended Barnabas as ‘the son of encouragement’ – we need more of them today! Who will be a pastor to pastors? Who will be on a mission for missionaries? How will churches in need receive personalized and timely input?

God is faithfully raising up individuals who are led to partner with Journey Ministries in prayer and financial support. Your partnership will help bring vital teaching and ministry to those in need of personal ministry, equipping, and encouragement to fulfill their calling. Most leaders in developing countries cannot afford to bring in trans-local ministries. Other churches can barely cover traveling costs for visiting ministers. Yet this is where Journey Ministries is needed most!

Would you prayerfully consider standing with Journey Ministries in prayer and financial partnership? Your involvement will allow us to be sent out to assist pastors, missionaries and church leaders around the globe.

Sonny & Becky

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