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Sean Lee

Sean Lee


Hello! I’m Sean, a missionary from Los Angeles California!

At 18 years old I met the Lord radically at a Discipleship Training School in YWAM Kona in the fall of 2022. My life was changed fundamentally forever and I knew that for the foreseeable future the Lord was calling me into ministry. Through this training school I was able to serve as a missionary in the Philippines for 3 months. During this time God truly marked me for the restoration of the family.

To be specific I realized the systematic destruction of the responsibility of fathers in today’s society. I had experienced this first hand being raised by a single mother and I realized that God was heartbroken over how many fatherless children were being raised up today. However immediately following my outreach, I didn’t know to the full extent of what God’s calling was for my life.

This is when God called me back to YWAM Kona, this time to go to a 9 month “secondary” school for those who had already done a DTS (Discipleship Training School). This school, the Foundations of Revival and Reformation, is specially meant to equip young missionaries to become leaders and use their callings from God to further their ministry.

I just finished the first three month section of Rev n Ref and it’s been such a testament of what God is doing in my life and His goodness. I’ve truly been blessed, the curriculum was specifically designed this quarter to read the entire Bible and establish a biblical foundation for my ministry, which has been eye opening to say the least. Through this biblical curriculum I understand the importance of family and what Gods intention was/is for the family unit and the roles of fathers. I actually have a foundational verse that he revealed to me in this time Malachi 4:6 - ”and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.“

As well as learning about scripture, I also was able to pray into deciding a potential 1 month outreach location. I found out that I will be going to Guinea Bissau, specifically helping expectant mothers and children at risk! I knew immediately this was God confirming for me that I was supposed to be there in order to truly implement God’s vision for families in Guinea Bissau. I don’t know much yet regarding what my outreach will look like specifically, but I know we’ll be partnering with local pregnancy centers to help spread awareness and education regarding healthy pregnancies for the local ladies!

Now why did I tell you guys all this. I can’t do this alone, regardless of how amazing I think I am (I’m not LOL) I need the support of the global church body and from the Lord Himself.

And as this pertains to y’all, I would love to give you guys the opportunity to pray into supporting me! First and foremost your guy's prayers and intercession are the most important things you could offer me. So please be praying for me as I finish this school and go on my 1 month outreach in Guinea Bissau. As for those of you who feel prompted by the Lord to financially support me and my outreach, blessings to you!



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