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Sarah Kreitzer

Sarah Kreitzer


Hi friend! My name is Sarah Kreitzer. I'm currently in the process of fundraising to join an amazing ministry in Huntington Beach, California called Circuit Riders.

Circuit Riders is a YWAM organization that focuses on reaching college and high-school aged youth in the U.S. and Europe (while currently growing to spread in other nations as well). We are missionaries who travel throughout the United States on "tours" in which we attempt to stop at as many colleges in the U.S. as possible. At each stop we host worship and evangelism nights, in which we boldly share the gospel and equip, encourage and catalyze already-present believers to continue the work of evangelism on their own campuses!

Jesus radically encountered and changed my life right before attending college in 2015, when I was saved after truly being brought to the end of my ability to do any good or love him on my own. But it wasn't until the end of my time in college that He became both Savior and Lord to me — it was during those years that He pursued me through sin, rebellion, and deep brokenness, and showed me that the only way to follow Him is to live in full surrender to His good, loving Kingship! One of the keyways He changed my life was through the Circuit Rider's ministry, as I heard the message of fully surrendering to Jesus and encountered the joy of freedom in Christ. Because of this, I am SO excited to join this ministry and reach the lost, hurting and broken with the good news about the freedom and joy found only in Jesus.

Will you consider partnering with me financially to see my generation reached with the love of Jesus? I need to raise $900 - $1,200 in monthly support, as well as a remainder of $4,000 for the training school beginning January 15th.

Much love in Christ,


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