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Sarah Grace Oliman

Sarah Grace Oliman


Hi all! My name is Sarah Grace, I volunteer full time with Eurorelief on the islands of Lesvos and Samos in Greece, serving the refugee population entering Europe. After completing my YWAM school in 2018 on Lesvos, serving in Moria refugee camp my heart was, and continues to be burdened for those who have left their homes, culture, community and so much more in hopes of finding safety and refuge. I believe that God’s heart is burdened for these people and it is my great privilege to step into a position to serve with the compassion that Jesus invites us into. 

When I felt released by God to leave California and come back to Greece full-time, I felt Him ask me to commit a year without looking beyond that. As the year is coming to an end, I feel my time on Lesvos is nowhere near its close. Without putting God into a box, I feel as though 5 years hoping and praying into a field just wouldn’t be fulfilled in the span of a year. Or maybe that is just God honoring my love for the camp, the people who reside in it and the will to carry their burdens alongside them, for that is what I believe is also on His heart. So with that being said, I have committed my 2024 to working with Eurorelief, continuing as the Personnel Coordinator, based on Lesvos and making my visits to the other two sites on the island Samos and in Turkey!

My deepest gratitude goes to all those who have supported me in prayer and finances this year, allowing me to commit myself to the work with the refugee population and know that I am provided for! It is not lost on me how much of a privilege and blessing it is to be in this situation.


It would be a great honor if you would partner with me in prayer and finances. Firstly, in prayer over the people in camp as they are usually not only in physical distress but also mental and emotional turmoil. Second, in prayer for me as I commit to serving these people, that God would work through me, that His love would always be at the forefront of my every action and every word. 

Lastly, in finances. Will you partner with me to be the hands and feet of Jesus?


Sarah Grace

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