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Sam Fraley

Sam Fraley


For the past the 4 years I have worked with Circuit Riders and YWAM to reach college students, high schoolers and the lost in general all over the nation. Circuit Riders started as a movement to save the lost, revive the saved and train the youth of America. We starting touring the nation 7 years ago and have the same every spring since. Since then we have expanded into Europe, Australia and Africa.

I am a worship leader with Carry The Love and have traveled all over the nation leading rooms to worship Jesus. It’s a great honor and privilege and so much fun! Last year we had 10 teams across the nation and saw close to 40,000 people gathered and 2400 saved throughout the nation and the nations!

My heart, though I love tour and traveling to different campuses, my heart beats for training and growing young people in their calling as a missionary. The last three years I have worked with our discipleship training school that starts in October each year. This coming year I will be co-leading a second school starting in January and will be leading a house in both the October school and January school!

With love,

Samuel Fraley

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