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Shane Davis

Shane Davis


Hi there!

My name is Shane Davis! I’m a musician, a missionary, a musicianary, but most importantly, I’m a son of the Most High! I have been in worship ministry for over 10 years and have seen the Lord encounter so many in the various places I’ve been! But now, I have heard the Lord call me into missions to bring these encounters of praise into the lost and I reached parts of America and the world!

The Greek word “Koinonia” is the word used at the end of the Letters to the Corinthian church translated to the word “communion.” This word means, “partnership, fellowship, and intimacy.” Paul uses this word as the kind of relationship we are to have with the Holy Spirit! This is what’s I believe the church worldwide NEEDS to have more of; in worship, in word, in daily living! Working with Circuit Riders, I wanna bring this Presence to every area of this generation, both in America and to the nations!

For this to happen, I need your support! Along with usual costs of living, insurances, and student loans, there are plenty of things that need covering to bring this message! As musician, there comes occasional need for new gear, from new strings for my Taylor acoustic guitar to a potential new interface for recording an album that the Lord gives me to record! Circuit Riders also does schools over in England, Kenya, and other parts of the world that will require visas, flight costs, etc.

If you choose to partner with me in this, you will be informed of the crazy stuff that will be going down wherever I go, and you’ll receive a receipt for tax purposes from Equipnet!

Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit about partnering with my mission to bring the love of Jesus to the lost of this world!

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