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Simeon Bertelsen

Simeon Bertelsen


I’m Simeon Bertelsen, a full time missionary with Circuit Riders, under the covering of YWAM (Youth With A Mission.) I passionately love Jesus with all my heart and long to see others know Him and live gospel centered lives. I am committed to living and serving with this community of missionaries as we serve throughout the U.S. and Europe.

The Bible says that there is a real enemy that comes to steal, kill and destroy. The enemy isn’t waiting for children to become adults. He is going after them with things like suicide, anxiety, addiction and depression. While the enemy’s heart is for destruction, God’s heart is for them to know Him and the love He has made available to them. My heart is to see young people encounter God and have their lives transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit, knowing the Heavenly Father, and knowing the Truth of who Jesus is.

My job with Circuit Riders is to discipline and lead young people through our Discipleship Training Schools. I will also be working to connect with middle and high school students to bring Jesus on to their campuses and teaching students how to daily walk out a Christ centered life.

Over the last 3 years I have been working hard both part time, as a student, and full time during the summer and after graduation, to raise the money needed to be involved in mission work. As I am being obedient to follow God’s lead in my life and step into full time missions, I am trusting the Lord to provide for my financial needs. This is something I cannot do on my own. This is why I need your help; to partner with me in prayer that God would provide for my daily needs. I am also asking you to prayerfully consider financially partnering with me as I serve the Lord in a full time capacity.

Would you join me in this mission through prayer and consider becoming a financial partner?

Let’s be a part of seeing lives transformed for Jesus Christ!

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