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Skyy Baker

Skyy Baker


As of this year, I have stepped into being a full-time missionary with Circuit Riders! Circuit Riders is a branch of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) that teaches young adults to build their relationship with the Lord and also teaches them how to make Jesus known in our generation!

In September 2023, I felt a calling into ministry and took the next step and did a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with Circuit Riders in January 2024. God revealed Himself to me during that time and it made me realise my hunger towards seeing my generation's hearts being set on fire for Jesus.

My desire as a full-time missionary is to see mums and dads, single parents, teenagers, young adults, grandparents and even children across the world being set on fire for the Lord and truly living out what God has called them into.

I'm currently building a team of investors who will give $2500 USD or $3700 AUD a month. This will allow me to fully serve what God is doing in the nations!

This money will go towards:

• Giving (tithes, offering and generosity)

• Housing/rent

• Food (Groceries, eating out, etc.)

• Transportation (Car and flights)

• Self-care (toiletries, essentials, etc.)

• Savings


 I would ask that you prayerfully consider joining this team of monthly investors or contributing a one-time gift!

Every dollar and every prayer counts and goes towards the Kingdom of God! You are all a part of this movement of God and your generosity won't go unnoticed by God!

You are on this journey with me and together we are going to see revival breakout through the nations of this earth!


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