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Adeline Milam

Adeline Milam


Hi everyone! My name is Adeline Milam and I am a missionary with YWAM Kona.

My ministry for this season in life is to ignite and encourage other youth to go into unreached nations. My passion is helping people in super practical ways, going into unreached and difficult places, stopping injustices, fighting for the unseen, and to see peoples lives changed by the love of Jesus Christ.

I want my 20’s to be full of preparation and anticipation for what the Lord will use my life for. For 2023, I will be working at YWAM Kona as a staff member who brings a group of youth into some of the most unreached nations in the world.

I’ve been reading through Acts and have been in awe over how the church supported Peter and the other apostles during their early ministry. The church was the biggest support of prayer and never failed to enable Peter to go into the nations and start the Great Commission. The role of the early church was to support in prayer and finances. I want to have what Peter had! I want to have a strong group of believers that I can ask for prayer in times that are difficult for me… that is my biggest prayer for this next season!

I also want to invite my community to be a part of what I’m doing in the nations by financial support. By supporting me financially, you will be invited into what the Lord will be doing through me.



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