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Robert Doe

Robert Doe


My name is Robert Doe and I am a licensed Family Physician who is transitioning from full time clinical practice to full time ministry. My wife, Silvia, and I live on Cape Cod Massachusettes and I am a descendent of those who arrived in 1620 on the Mayflower.

In the early 1990's the Lord transitioned me out of healthcare reform politics into a call to believe for renewal of our cities in America and also the transformation of health and human services from a purely scientific/business model back to a foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ. This means not only providing services in the love of Christ but kingdom care in the power of God.

In the process of following the call above, an organization was formed in Lancaster PA in 2001 called Light of Hope Community Service Organization. This ministry was created to support ministry done in partnership among multiple churches and organizations with the idea of improving the local community. The early years of ministry included a specific Christian mental health program that operated in Lancaster County Prison and in the local community. It combined medical care with healing prayer and discipleship. Later, a movement was begun to link together professionals with healing prayer and worship. In addition we hosted evangelism events in Lancaster and were involved in reconciliation ministry with First Nations groups and with Mennonite/Amish and Swiss reformed churches.

In 2013 I took a sabbatical and attended Medical DTS at YWAM Kona. While in attendance, I learned of the dream held by Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM) and of the medical doctors leading my school. This involved establishing a Christian/Kingdom medical clinic in Kona to serve the local community. I left Lancaster to accomplish this task and was released from this work at the beginning of 2022. It is called Aloha Kona Urgent Care.

Since leaving Kona, I have been sharing the vision of the Transformation Health and Human services in multiple locations and nations. This includes YWAM Santo Domingo (DR), YWAM Harpenden in the UK, San Diego and again in Lancaster PA. The ministry from here forward will be to help encourage the development of Kingdom Care models in multiple locations, to assist with training and equipping of workers and to consult with the set up process where needed. As part of this I will work with Light of Hope CSO and also with YWAM. A specific ministry within Light of Hope was created called Transformation Health Services. We are also leading medical mission trips as a manner of equipping the workers.

In order to be free from needing to do clinic practice for an income source, I am soliciting donations to allow me to be free to focus on the described ministry. I appreciate any support and prayer you can offer. You can contact me via email at:


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