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Quinton Trombley

Quinton Trombley


What do you get when you combine a zealous, focused, and goal-oriented man with the fire of God? You’ll end up with me, Quinton Trombley! If I haven't met you, thank you so much for considering partnering with the call God has placed upon my life.

In 2019 I surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus while serving in the US Navy. Just 2 years later, I decided to start my faith journey adventuring onto the international missions field for an entire year. On the field, I was partnered with YWAM Barbados, Awakening Europe, and a few church communities across the USA. Presently, the Lord has led me to root myself in Orlando, FL with a house church community called Ekklesia Orlando.

In the Fall of 2022 I attended a 3-month intensive discipleship school called SOLD Schools, hosted by Ekklesia Orlando. Their vision is to come and be fathered by God and much like in the book of Acts, life-on-life discipleship through living in community houses. I am fully bought into what this small community is cultivating.

Ekklesia carries many kingdom values but they are rooted in the main ones of Honor, Hunger, and Humility. It is from these values that we as a community pursue the mission statements of:

1. Preach the Gospel

2. Embrace the Cross

3. Live Missional no matter the location

4. Disciple a generation and nations

5. Build Kingdom Family

Your partnership with me will go to sowing, watering, and reaping the harvest here in Orlando, for Jesus himself says “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few,” (Matthew 9:37).

Blessings and Peace to you sons and daughters of Jesus Christ our Lord!


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