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Peter Katzman

Peter Katzman


Hi! My name is Peter Katzman and I am a follower of Jesus living in Moraga California.

I have a heart to serve the poor and to get the Bible translated in to many languages for the spread of the good news to the glory of Jesus. I specifically have a heart for unreached people groups and hope to fund the building of prayer houses, schools and Christian churches through business.

I plan to travel to the Middle East for the spread of the gospel for some months out of the year and to start these building projects. I will also be traveling to other countries as the Lord leads. 

I would like support in ministry through prayer and finances since I am currently in Norway in my last month and a half of ministry. Here we are preaching the gospel, praying for people, and serving in youth groups so that Norway can get on fire for Jesus.

Any support in this work would help us get the Gospel to those in need and would allow us to do the ministry we need to do.


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