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Olivia Pershing

Olivia Pershing


Hello friends and family!

Design and creative marketing is my passion. I have been studying graphic design in college at El Camino for two years now and have completely fallen in love with it! And now the Lord has granted me an opportunity to expand it to use for His Kingdom through an amazing organization called Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, California.

What will I be doing?

Circuit Riders is part of an organization named YWAM (Youth With A Mission) with locations worldwide dedicated to discovering passions and completing The Great Commission to guide people to Christ.

I have been accepted to the media track with Circuit Riders and will be in their Discipleship Training School for 3 months starting October 2024. During this time not only will I be taught to share the Gospel, but I will be learning to work in church media in areas like graphic design, photography, videography and social media marketing! Working for a church team is my dream career, so I am very excited to work with a team and learn and grow more during the fall!

I then have also been accepted into the Carry The Love Track, which through their different country wide stops, I will be touring with a team through different college and high school campuses all throughout America and possibly even Europe or South Africa. This will be for 3 months as well, right after finishing the school!

How you can partner with me:

Please consider partnering with me so that I may use my God given talents to step out in faith and spread the Gospel to the nations! I am excited to come back afterward and reinvest what I learn into my community.

The first way you can aid me in this journey is through prayer. I invite you to join me through prayer in areas for courage, boldness, and wisdom so that I may plant seeds in the people I meet throughout my 6 months away.

Second, please consider supporting my mission through giving. My goal at the moment is approximately $12,000 to cover my tuition, housing, travel, and living expenses.

Budget Breakdown:

• Tuition and Housing: $3500

• Outreach: $2000

• Personal Funds (food, gas, flights, etc.): ~$6000

I am grateful for your support in any way you can. I will be posting updates of my experience often so you can follow along with me! I am so excited to take this huge step of faith that God has placed in my heart.


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