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Natalie Towle

Natalie Towle


My name is Natalie Towle and I am a 22 year old missionary from Rhode Island!

I am currently living in Kona, Hawaii as a missionary with an organization called YWAM. YWAM stands for Youth With A Mission and is a global missionary training and sending organization. Through this organization, I am a student in a ten month long school called Revival and Reformation.

Revival and Reformation develops young leaders to understand complex issues in society and helps them create Biblical solutions to push them to take real action. In order to be equipped to do this, we study three different topics over the course of nine months. The first three months we study the entire Bible, the second three months we study the importance of having a Biblical worldview, and during the last set of three months, we study Apologetics and Communication. This is then followed by a one month outreach (mission trip) applying everything we have learned.

I would love to connect and share my personal heart piece for what this school is training me for and what the Lord has burned onto my heart through my own testimony and personal revival. To briefly explain, I desire to see revival and reformation of society through family restoration, and more specifically through holistic maternal health care that wraps around a mother supporting her and her child's needs. The way a nation treats its women is directly correlated to well-being of that nation as a whole. Whole families are the solution. The injustice of abortion, and maternal mortality rates, and sex trafficing can all be combated through revival in families unto the entire nation.

With the knowledge that Somalian women are the most oppressed women in the entire world, North Africa is being burned on my heart. This school enables me to get deep biblical discipleship for how to carry and communicate the fire of revival and steward it unto reformation that changes nations and the world. I also believe that the work that God is doing in the nations holds the blue prints and specific keys to unlocking revival in the Western world.

I would love to set up a call to connect and pray together and just get more deeply connected with my Rhode Island/ Massachusets church body! Part of missions is being connected with people all over the world, encouraging the body with the testimonies of God's movement in the earth.

I am looking for local churches to partner with who want to see the Great Commission finished through lasting revival and reformation of society. In order to continue in this school and get the specific training to see the maternal healthcare crisis changed, I need to raise a total of $14,000 by the end of June.

I am looking for people to be on my monthly support team to walk with me in prayer and financial support to see this injustice fought for the one unto the ninety-nine.


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