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Nathan Martel

Nathan Martel


Hey Everyone! My name is Nathan Martel! I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully when you have, we will have already had a meeting face to face!

I grew up in Bozeman Montana, a small-ish ski town! I grew up in and around the church but around high school, decided I didn’t want to follow the rules of Christianity and slowly walked away from my faith. I like to call these years my “prodigal son years” which if you’re familiar with the story Jesus tells, basically means I did everything that I shouldn’t have been doing. But God is faithful and through a radical encounter, showed me that there was so much I was missing out on. It’s been a process, but the Lord has done a mighty work in my life.

It’s through this journey that I’ve grown a heart for kids that are in the same spot I was. That’s why I’ve decided to go into full time ministry, alongside my soon to be wife (depending on when you read this!). In January of 2024 we are moving to Nashville Tennessee to start a discipleship training school in partnership with other YWAM friends.

Our goal is to reach high school/college age students with the gospel and help them establish a biblical worldview. Students need to build their “house on the rock” if they are going going to stand up against the secular ideas in universities around the nation.

I want to reach kids that are in the same place I was and offer them the opportunity to enter into the fullness that God has for them.

This is our heart, but we need your help to make it happen! In order to be able to do ministry full time we need an income. That’s where we rely on the body of Christ! We want to offer you the opportunity to share in what Gods doing in Nashville and the fruit that comes from young people receiving Christ! It’s the generosity of the people around us and the global body of Christ that we are able to be in ministry full time.

So if you are already supporting us financially we want to say thank you so much for believing in us and what God is doing through us. If you’re not, ask God If this is where you should give!

We are grateful for your continued prayers and thank God that He has put you in our lives!


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