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Nic LaLonde

Nic LaLonde


Hey, it's Nic!

After completing the second year of the Radiant School of Ministry (RSM) and asking God what is next for me, I'm now working at a local church as the Worship Director and joining RSM staff through this school year.

I started going to church in middle school and became serious about my faith through high school, attending a youth group and reading the Bible and making God priority in my life. Out of high school, I went into the Radiant School of Worship because I felt God was calling me there to use my gifts of music to minister to Him. After that year I went into the Radiant School of Ministry and started preparing to go into full time ministry. I knew God was calling me to serve Him in the church and I am so excited to do that with RSM!

I am so honored to be joining the staff of RSM part-time this year to help train disciples of Jesus Christ to do the ministry they've been called into. My role as Worship Director at Renovation Church will be part-time, so I decided to dedicate the rest of my time to serve RSM and continue to be involved in what God is doing there. Some of my primary areas of service at RSM will be discipling RSM students, helping train worship leaders and musicians in the Radiant School of Worship (RSW), and organizing worship and production teams for RSM chapel, retreats, and other events.

Through the process of joining RSM staff, I have decided to build a team of supporters who will invest in me with prayers and finances. I want to give people the opportunity to have a part in what God is doing through me and the entirety of the school.

May God bless you and peace be with you all, however you decide to invest in my life.


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