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Natasha Evans

Natasha Evans


Hey friends!

My name is Natasha and I burn to see a generation be awakened by an encounter with Jesus. I was adopted from birth and grew up in a church environment. In middle school, suicide, depression, and nightmares were my normal. I was walking around as a spiritual orphan. I needed the real Jesus, not just religion.

I was invited to a youth conference called the RAMP in 2015 and there, I felt the warm, electric love of ABBA all over me. At that moment, every curse of sin was broken off by the perfect love of Jesus. I then went to the Ramp School of Ministry and graduated with an internship. I was asked during my second year of school to join a travel ministry team of young people. This group, CHOSEN, is a group of burning prophets who are conditioned and equipped to awaken a generation from spiritual complacency. They travel to conferences and churches to boldly declare the word of the Lord and their testimony. I have been privileged to serve this team for three years and just transitioned.

I have an opportunity in August to be a part of the Daniel Kolenda Bootcamp. After the passing of Reinhard Bonnke, his spiritual son Daniel Kolenda, took on the torch. This Bootcamp vision is set in stone to see 20,000 evangelists for mass evangelism trained, equipped, and launched within the next 10 years. This is a three-month training where there is one on one training, coaching, and critique for mass crusade evangelism. We will be stationed in Orlando, FL for the training and let loose in the streets. Then we will fly to Africa to conduct mass crusade events. This is an opportunity that is available internationally, yet only 300 get selected.

I want to invite you into God’s story, your story. God is moving in this generation like never before, where the kingdom of God is taking over by the power of the cross. In these mass crusades, or on the streets of Orlando, one person’s life changes the course of their entire family line. Jesus paid the price of being killed on the cross. The only reward worthy to such a price is seeing souls saved, to see healing destroy cancer that almost consumed them, to see people delivered from years of torment. Jesus tells us in Matthew 9:38 to BEG the Lord of the harvest to ekballo laborers.

You being led to this page means you have prayed this scripture. You have a role in this. When you pray, give, or go, this has no significance without love and obedience. Your obedience has a reward. So, I ask, will you be obedient? Will you obey radically? Will you change history?


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