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Nico Cruz

Nico Cruz


Hello my name is Nicholas Cruz and I have been serving faithfully at Radiant Church for many years now.

For many years God has given me the heart to raise up leaders, training them and equipping them in the local church, I have been involved in Worship and Production throughout the years and It is a joy to be in the house of the Lord. For the past two years, God has been calling me to join Radiant School Of Ministry and to go through their program. This has been a decision I have never looked back from, where I get to learn from amazing leaders that challenge me and  are there for me every step of the way.

God has been moving and has been giving me a heart for the people of Mexico, Soon I will be joining the program for my third year and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to be sent out and become a resident in a local church in Guadalajara Mexico.

This is also an opportunity that you are able to join in as well, your prayers and financial support will be part of so many salvations, so many healings throughout Mexico and I would like to extend this invitation to you as a partner, any sort of support will be greatly appreciated.


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