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Melody Wittman

Melody Wittman


This Montana girl is going back to India!

My desire is to use my background as a Registered Nurse and my passion for adult education to empower our Indian brothers and sisters as “change agents” in their communities — for health and for the Kingdom of God.

In the fall of 2018, I plan to return to India to investigate long-term placement there, while finishing the second and third sessions of a three-part course to become a Certified Trainer for a community health training course. This Indian-based program equips local Christian workers in rural areas with holistic health knowledge and community development skills.

Jesus is the perfect fulfillment of what India is searching for!

Working alongside the local church, I plan to…

Continue to learn the local language

Share the Good News in a culturally relevant way

Gain expertise in the community’s cultural and health issues

Train nationals to apply and teach health principles

Increase my understanding of His Love and purposes for me, His heart for India, and how He is inviting me to be part of His work there

I cannot return to India and expect to thrive without your support — be it through prayer, encouragement, or finances.

Would you especially consider partnering with me financially?

Any questions? Feel free to send me an email:

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