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Megan Walker

Megan Walker


Hello dear friends, family, and lovers of Jesus!

It is my great privilege to share with you about my life as a Full Time Missionary with Youth With A Mission! I am honored to work as a Missionary and could not be doing this without you. So thank you!

I thought I was going to work at Costco for the rest of my life. At 19, I figured I had made it in life and saw no change in sight. But one night, someone prayed for me saying, “I feel like the Lord is bringing a change in your life! And it looks like a change of location.” From that day on, I knew the Lord was inviting me to join Youth With A Mission or YWAM. I was very surprised, but now I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be!

YWAM is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Since 1960, YWAM has become one of the world's largest mission organizations with over 1,200 YWAM campuses in over 180 nations!

Leaving Costco, I was trained for six months as a missionary with three months of that being in Samoa. During these six months, I began to realize I was designed for this! My life passions and desires all began to line up in the beautiful love of God. 

I am now heading for India for two weeks for a Vision Trip. In this Vision Trip, I want to grasp God’s heart and VISION for the Indian people. As well as seeing if I can enVISION myself living there for years! After I return from India, I will be joining a 3 month YWAM School, training to be a Long Term Missionary. This school answers questions like, “What does it look like to adopt a nation, culture, and language that is not your own?”      

I do not know exactly what this sweet life with Jesus will look like, but how could I not go and walk in the Great Commission? And you get to walk with me. Would you consider partnering with me financially as a form of monthly tithe or joining my prayer team? I am all in! As a Full Time Missionary, 100% of my income will come from those who want to run with me! 

Thank you so much and many blessings, 

Meg Walker

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