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Megan Schellenberg

Megan Schellenberg


Hi friends! My name is Megan Schellenberg as most of you all know!! I am 20 years old and studying to become a pediatric nurse! I am praying for guidance as I step into a short season of missions/mission training, but hoping to combine both nursing and missions long term!! 

I have always been drawn to missions and serving, i just always lacked the self confidence to push myself to fully commit my life to the Lord! I have struggled with anxiety and self doubt for as long as I can remember, and that deeply affected my relationship with Jesus. This past year, I was being pulled towards Christ in ways I cannot fully comprehend. The Lord kept showing me signs and leading me towards Him, and I finally realized that I was pushing myself further away from Him instead of towards Him. I was so focused on school, work, and unhealthy relationships, that my purpose deviated from Jesus. I fully leaned in and decided to spend the next 6 months dedicated to serving Jesus! It was a nerve wracking decision moving thousands of miles away from home, but God had this peace over my decision making, which was so noticeable for a girl with millions of anxious thoughts. 

The organization i will be with is Youth With A Mission! I will be doing a three month Discipleship Training School which is called Brave Love!! It is the first all women’s DTS that YWAM Kona is doing! Their mission is to equip women to communicate with conviction of what Biblical womanhood looks like in our world today! They also want to activate and send out women to be apart of the solution to the injustices they see in the world around them. I feel so so blessed to be apart of this journey in navigating how to use my strengths as a women to serve others and serve Jesus! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing movement, Brave Love, and meet so many amazing women who want to spread the love of Jesus as well as support and encourage other women and BE encouraged!! I am so blessed to have this opportunity to grow as a Christian, and as a woman of God! 

Your gracious donations will go towards fees such as my schooling, classes, & training that I will receive in Kona for my first three months! It will go towards plane tickets, room and board and other things the school offers like meals!! Your financial help with put me through this program and help me follow and pursue this amazing journey in chasing after what God has to offer and glorify Him! 

A couple weeks of my time will be spent on an outreach at a YWAM base in Nigeria! A part of the funds you all help me raise will go towards a plane ticket there, my stay, as well as financially help widows and children in Nigeria be able to afford their DTS program that we will be partnering with!! The last few months will be spent out on the mission field in another nation! I am not sure where I will be sent, but the money will go to my plane tickets and other expenses like food and housing, as well! I cannot do this without you all, and call you all to be apart of the Great Commission with any prayer and financial support! 

Your help is so so needed and appreciated and if the Lord is leading you to support me during this journey, I just want to say how thankful I am for YOU! The Lord is working in and through all of this! I cannot wait to fill you all in on this experience and tell you all how the Lord is working in my life! 

Love you all!

Also, if you are not able to give financially, I totally understand and will be thankful for any support and prayer!! There is SO much power in prayer, and I could use you all joining together in prayer for these next few months as I step out into the mission field!!

Goal - $10,000


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