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Maxwell O'Connor

Maxwell O'Connor


Hey Everyone! Last January through June I got to be a part of a missionary training school called YWAM! For the first three months I was in Kona, Hawaii for the Lecture phase, where I was in classes learning more about who Jesus is and who he created me to be! I got to see freedom and breakthrough in my own life as well as those around me!

The next three months is was the Outreach phase, where they send teams out all over the world, and I got the opportunity to tour across the US to put on worship gatherings and tell people about Jesus! We saw healings and salvation, but more than anything, we saw a generation set free and set on fire for Jesus all over the US!  Those 6 months were so life changing! I got to see God move in my life, and so many others!

Now I am headed back to Kona in a few weeks for a leadership track which is 3 months of leadership training. From there I plan on staffing where I will do what I just did January through June, except this time I will be discipling students, and leading an outreach team to a nation!

As I will be a full time missionary through this time, I am asking if you would consider partnering with me in prayer and financial support.  I need to raise $750 per month for the next 2 years. Whether you choose to give one-time or on a monthly basis, I appreciate it!

Thanks for taking the time to find out what I’m doing and for you continued prayers and support!


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