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Micah Necela

Micah Necela


Hello, my name is Micah Necela.

Jesus has CHANGED MY LIFE! I have found Him and Him alone as the one I want to give my life for! 

- “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, 

to gain what he cannot lose.” - Jim Elliot 

I am currently a full time missionary, serving with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Lancaster, in lancaster PA. 

My heart is burning for the unreached. That every nation, tribe and tongue would worship the worthy lamb that was slain. My desire is to reach the most unreached and hardest to reach people in the world, with the gospel and love of Jesus christ. 

As a full time missionary with YWAM Lancaster, I'm currently doing a couple different things. 

Helping run DTS’s. DTS is a 6 month YWAM training school. In it we teach the students the character and nature of God. Their identity in Him. The Word of God - AND how to share it. Our goal isn't to just train people who know the truth, but also train them to love God first and then out of that place love others. This is such a fruitful 6 months! We train them for three months and then my team and  I lead them on a two and a half month outreach. During those 2 &1/2 months, they get to share the gospel with the multitudes of people that do not know the good news!! 

I also work with Gen Z, this looks like travelling all around Pennsylvania and the U.S. and speaking and leading worship at colleges, youth groups, churches and worship nights. All for one reason. Calling them to love God and live missionally! I strongly believe Christ has died not only for us, but also for those who do not have a relationship with Him! Romans 10 says “how will they hear if they are not told, and how are they to be told unless someone goes? How beautiful are the feet of those who carry the gospel” 

I am also leading short term teams all over the world to reach the unreached, and bring the word of God to those who do not have it. This year i have been to: Cambodia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Turkey and Egypt.

I am also preparing to be sent out long term with a team to Cambodia in Southwest Asia. Our team is planning on leaving in the spring of 2025. In Cambodia we will be doing 2 years of language study, before moving out to one of the most remote parts of Cambodia to work with unreached tribes and work towards translating the bible into their language!!

It is so amazing to see what the Lord is doing through my yes to the great commission. In YWAM we are all self funded full time missionaries. Meaning we don’t get paid. To accomplish this mission I need partners to commit to partnering with the dream of God to see every nation, tribe and tongue know Him.

With your prayers and partnership, this vision can be accomplished. Financially, I need to raise approximately $1800 in monthly support which will go toward plane tickets,food, lodging and everyday needs. Please consider partnering with me through your prayers and financial support on this journey that God has for me!

Your brother in Christ,

Micah Necela

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