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Meghan Mencer

Meghan Mencer


Hello, I’m Meghan Mencer, a Functional Health Practitioner who believes in missions at all times.

My life’s work revolves around the HOPE Method I’ve developed, a strategy designed to empower individuals to harness their God-given potential through physical resilience, emotional intelligence, and spiritual fitness.

What my ministry is all about: I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share the message of HOPE and healing through Jesus at the MoodleMoot global conference in Spain. This mission isn’t just about speaking on a stage. I am passionate about tangible acts of faith and service - distributing Spanish Bibles, facilitating baptisms, and documenting the journey through a docu-series on HOPE. Through this trip, I am also amplifying the narrative of HOPE for community development, emphasizing the innate ability Jesus has designed within our bodies to HEAL. The mission embodies Matthew 28:19-20, the Great Commission, aiming to spread Jesus’s teachings and love throughout the nations.

I also aim to inspire through real-life stories. The documentary will showcase individuals who’ve been at their lowest but found HOPE and the strength to rise above. As the co-founder of Mencer Media, a mission-minded media agency, I emphasize the importance of strategic digital storytelling, making sure the message of HOPE is spread far and wide.

This mission is about so much more than a trip. It’s about lifelong change, healing, and empowerment. As I share my testimonies on a secular stage, I request your prayers for guidance and impact. Your generous financial support will also ensure I have the resources to distribute Bibles, foster community development, and reach as many souls as possible.

By joining hands with me, you’re not just investing in a mission trip; you’re investing in lasting legacy and change. Every contribution brings us closer to a world where everyone realizes they’re created with the divine ability to overcome, heal, and thrive.


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