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Maya Matsuda

Maya Matsuda



My name is Maya Matsuda. I am half Japanese, half American. That makes me a 200%!

I was born and raised in Japan. Lived a mixed life going to the temple’s event New Years yet every Sunday I was at church.

How did I meet Jesus?

I remember as I was walking down the river, heading towards my middle school, Jesus showed up in a vision and He answered my questions that led me to surrendering to His love.

I remember being called by Him, during middle school music class, to live a life dedicated to Him and at the time didn’t know what that meant but eventually was led to become a missionary and serve the nations.

I served in YWAM for 7 years. During that time, I traveled to multiple nations to partner and to serve already running and thriving ministries. I worked in children’s homes; bar ministries talking to the ladies. I worked on a farm; and even worked with children who went through sexual abuse. I also traveled from church to church to do worship ministries and much more!

My heart is to partner with God’s heart wherever He sends me. I love to worship and to intercede to create a space and atmosphere for our Lord to dwell. My passion is to preach the good news that we are forgiven and set free. I want others to know that all our sins have been paid in full… and now we get to live in the victory He has bought for us by His blood.

Lastly I want to say, Thank you all for your support!

I know I cannot do this on my own. Prayers, phone calls and texts are a much appreciated support as much as financial aid! And I am grateful for all those who have been partnering with me during my crazy adventure!

You are Loved and Liked!

May God bless!


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