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Morgen Layton

Morgen Layton



My name is Morgen Layton. I was born and raised in the U.S., but I long to return to the nations and walk alongside anyone and everyone interested in knowing more about Christ. At a young age I was exposed to the Spanish language, and that was only the beginning. After four years of Spanish in high school, and one year in college I found myself signing up for a unique study-abroad experience. It was during my language school in Xela, Guatemala, and my internship in Managua, Nicaragua, that I fell more deeply in love not just with the language, but also the people and the culture.

Over the years, people have asked me what it is about going to these countries that keeps me wanting to go back—other than of course feeling called to go. I’ve never been sure how to answer people when they asked; I’d say, “it’s a feeling I cannot describe.” In some ways this is true, but God has helped me to articulate how this feeling happens. Truly, there is something so remarkable about being unified in Christ; suddenly the cultural, lingual, and national barriers dissolve. This does not mean our differences cease to exist—rather the focus changes from “us” and “them” to Jesus. There is immense joy that comes with seeing someone be touched by the Word of God, but it is equally impactful to simply recognize the collision of lives the world would like to keep separate. The beauty that is created when we learn to work together is inexplicable, and more so when our cultures collide, and we worship YHWH.

Since becoming involved with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in 2020, I have traveled to Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil! I have been both a student and staff member. In 2020, my Discipleship Training School finished up in Mazatlán, Mexico, where I was privileged with exercising my translating skills daily. In 2021 I returned to Hawaii and completed the Chronological Bible Core Course. We studied 16 of the 66 books of the Bible and it was nothing but transformative. The dunamis power of God is astounding!

As I consider all that God has done in the last 27 years of my life, and all that He has called me to, I could not think of a better group of people to join with in fulfilling the Great Commission. I will be dedicating the upcoming months to fundraising and preparing for my return to YWAM Ships in Kailua Kona. My main roles will include discipling YWAM students and teaching the Word of God. These responsibilities will coincide with the ministry we will do while in other nations. I would love it if you will prayerfully consider partnering with me. I may be the human traveling, but being a missionary requires a church. The whole body of Christ can participate, as we each have different roles.

God Bless,

Thank you.


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