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Myah Kelley

Myah Kelley


Hi friends & family! My name is Myah Kelley & I am on staff with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Kona's School of Biblical Studies!

School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is a 9 month school that takes students through an inductive study of every book in the bible. Through this intensive program, students will read through the entirety of scripture 5 times through while compiling nearly 2,000 hours of dedicated study to the word of God. Throughout this time they will be greater equipped in studying the word for themselves, with a focus on historical & literary context. SBS guides students in seeing the complete narrative arc of scripture, while discovering the nature & character of God that is revealed throughout. It is a great foundation to continue building on for years of study to come.

I first joined YWAM in 2019 through their Discipleship Training School (DTS). After three months of class in Kona, I spent three months on outreach in Rwanda (Eastern Africa). This program was transformational for my faith & seeing the true restoration that life with Christ brought both in my own life, and the Rwandan culture I was welcomed into.

Following my DTS I enrolled in YWAM's School of Biblical Studies in 2021. I had a hunger to know the word of God at a much greater level and desired to be equipped in how to study the word effectively for the rest of my life. I graduated from the course in June of 2022 and it was certainly the most impactful and life-changing program I could have ever invested myself in. I left SBS with a deep understanding of God's faithfulness, a true security of faith, and a greater desire to know the bible better as well as equip those who feel daunted in their study of the bible.

As a staff member with SBS, I will be walking alongside students as they study the bible over the course of 9 months. I will be guiding them in the inductive method, teaching once a quarter, discipling a small group of girls throughout the year, as well as continuing my own study of the word alongside the students.

This position with YWAM is entirely volunteer, as all positions with YWAM are. Therefore I will be gathering a team of people to partner with me financially & prayerfully on a monthly basis. This covers my living & ministry expenses & allows me to be full time each week with School of Biblical Studies & the ministry they are doing!

I would love for you to pray & consider partnering with me financially as I step into this new role of SBS staff.

Thank you dearly,


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