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Miriam Joya

Miriam Joya


Miriam has been serving on the mission field in Oslo Norway since September 2018 and is currently working with YWAM Oslo in the mercy ministry department. YWAM Oslo’s vision is to make everyday disciples through fellowship, equipping ordinary people to make Jesus known in their environment by being a neighbor, fellow student or co-worker.

The vision of Mercy Ministry is to reach those in need with the purpose of building relationships and share with them the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry works together with other Christian organizations and churches in Oslo that operate a morning café for the homeless and a night café for women who work as prostitutes.

Miriam also serves at a women’s safe house. These women have just being rescued from human trafficking and they are living at a house to learn how to trust again and reenter society with the help of the government. Main goal is that these women might know Jesus during the process and experience freedom in all areas of their life.

Thank you so much for your support through your prayers and financial partnership.


You can contact Miriam by email at

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