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Mateo Jauregui

Mateo Jauregui


Hello, my name is Mateo and I am a child of the Most High just trying to be obedient!


I have always known about Jesus but i have recently started being His disciple. He has changed my life, and now I am going to live for Him. He has called me to leave all my possessions, family and friends and follow Him into a life of unknown Missions.


He has told me to start with the School of Navigation in Kona, Hawaii. I will be joining YWAM ships and learning how to sail the seas in order to reach isolated people and spread the love of God. I have no clue what happens after that, because He doesn’t want me to know just yet. What I do know is that He has told me not to expect to come home anytime soon.


I would love if you would partner with me and join my journey of following Jesus. Prayer is the most important way you can support. If you would like to see what the Lord is doing in my life, you can send me an email and I can add you to my newsletters.


Also, financial support would also be a big help! I have spent all my money and sold all my things to take this leap of faith with the only promise being abundant life.


So, if you feel called to donate, short or long term, I would be blessed if you do.


Thank you all so much, may God shower you with love and blessing.



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