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Mason Gray

Mason Gray


The program I’m attending in April is called RTC (Respect The Corners) and is specific to YWAM Kona. RTC’s mission statement is: “We are a group of sold out world changers who are committed to building people and reaching the lost in the hardest and darkest nations and in our own local communities.”

RTC coordinates and uses sports camps, fitness, and dietary courses in these restrictive countries as a way of entry and then shares the gospel to those attending the camps. Most countries highly value sports and health so they hardly ever deny access. What makes RTC special to me, is how they are not only focused on the communities spiritual health but also their physical health as well. RTC also trains students at YWAM Kona in their own physical and spiritual health, which is what I’ll be helping with the first 3 months! It is such an amazing tool for the kingdom. 

When I first left for YWAM in July 2022 I had no clue the revelation God would bring to me during those next 6 months. He taught me what it means to truly live the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). We live in a world that is crying out in need of our Savior. Did you know over 4 billion people statistically have never heard the good news of Jesus?

Here’s where you come in… prayer is powerful and isn’t taken lightly! On top of that Jesus tells us that it works, so why not? Please partner in prayer with me for God’s hand of protection to be over this journey. This part is crucial as I will be preparing to go into very hard to reach areas and it will be very difficult on my body and mind.

 I am also asking for your help financially. I am in need of monthly supporters to help me move this program forward and into the nations. Over the past few months I have been blessed to have been able to work and pay for the school portion of my trip. Your monthly contributions would allow me to focus on preparing for the outreach phase, some examples being: helping cover my living expenses such as bills, flights, rent, food and the ongoing cost of living.  I am asking for those who are interested in donating to commit to 6 months. This allows me to create a budget and stick to it.  To make all of this possible, my monthly goal of support is $700

For those who support me monthly, it is important for all of you to see the impact of how your generosity has paved the way for me. This is not a monthly newsletter only type of giving. I truly believe the fruit that I will see in the nations is your fruit as well! The fruit of your labor is being poured into me which makes you apart of being the hands and feet of Jesus. I can’t wait for you to see the impact of the gospel and how it brings life altering changes to peoples lives like it did to me.

Mason Gray

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