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McGerran Clouser

McGerran Clouser


My name is McGerran Clouser!

I am a full-time missionary with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Circuit Riders, based in Huntington Beach, California.

At Circuit Riders our purpose and mission is to carry the love of Jesus Christ to university campuses, and young people all across the America, as well as throughout Europe. We know that universities campuses are some of the most unreached places in the country, and that the students at these campuses desperately need an encounter with Jesus. We know that college students today are lost in depression, anxiety, fear and are in need of a savior that can bring freedom, and we know that only can come through Jesus. Our goal is to carry the love of Jesus on to these campuses and see those who are lost found in Jesus. We are a grassroots movement that will do whatever it takes to meet these students on their campuses, and to equip and empower those who already know Jesus to spread the Gospel on their own campuses. We want to see every single believer activated to reach a generation of young people who need Jesus more than anything. We are running to be the catalytic spark that sees revival come through every believer being empowered to reach their friends, families, and campuses with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

While on staff with Circuit Riders I will have an incredible opportunity to help teach our students in our Discipleship Training School (Circuit Rider Experience), as well as leading a tour team of Circuit Riders across the country to colleges and university campuses and preach the Gospel at our tour stops. I’ll be able to serve the at Circuit Riders in so many more ways all year round. From training in the Fall, touring in the Spring, and staffing our 2-week intensive leadership training experience 21 Project in the summer. I will get to do all of this all while continuing to be trained up as a messenger of the Gospel, and preacher and teacher of the Word under the leadership at Circuit Riders.

To many people the world of colleges and university students seems too far gone, and too lost to be saved, but we at Circuit Riders believe in what Jesus has to say about the world today, and He says, “The harvest is ripe”. So, we will be the laborers that The Lord of the harvest is sending out. So, we need you to be praying for us that Jesus would send us out, protect us, and empower us with His Spirit to reach the lost, and raise them up to life with Jesus.

I would be honored if you would pray and ask God if this mission to see a generation saved and set on fire for Jesus is something He wants you to invest in, and partner with in prayer and financially. We know God has called us to go, and we know we need the help of the Body of Christ to send us.

Thank you so much!


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