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Michael Brickley

Michael Brickley



My heart is to encourage believers to Read, Carry, and Share the Word of God. This is God’s growth model (as found in the parable of the Sower), and delivers amazing spiritual results. In my last 17 years as President of the Pocket Testament League, we were blessed to recruit over 700,000 volunteer members who shared millions of copies of the Word of God all over the world, in multiple languages. We received thousands of stories, every single month, of transformed lives.

No one makes God’s offer of reconciliation with Him, and offer of eternal life, better than God does Himself through His Living Word. We just have to encourage people to read the Book for themselves. God does all the work. Simple. Powerful. Effective!

When you invest in me you are investing in significant ministry multiplication.

I have retired from the Pocket Testament League USA, but not finished serving our Lord. In this phase of my life, I want to use my extensive global connections to help people share the Word of God all over the world. My current project is to build a network of 100,000 volunteer members who will flood the United Kingdom with the Word of God. Also working on large scale projects to share the Word of God with millions of people in the Middle East, starting in Jerusalem. I pray you will join me!


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