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Mica Arre

Mica Arre


Hi friends!! I’m Mica & I’m 20 years old.


I recently finished, in March, my Discipleship Training School (DTS) with Fire and Fragrance at YWAM Kona. I spent 3 months in Kona learning to grow in deeper intimacy with Jesus, how to share the Gospel, studied how God is moving in different nations, and lived a lifestyle of consistent worship and intercession.


We would have days where we would pray for specific countries, and I found myself weeping for countries I’ve never even heard of and hungry to learn more about these countries. I was marked for the nations.


Then I was placed on an amazing team of 10 and we were sent to the Philippines for another 3 months where we did all different types of ministries such as High School Ministry, Door To Door/Street Evangelism, Prison ministry, Tribal Ministry, Red Light Ministry, and we stayed at an orphanage for 2 weeks. Jesus healed the paralyzed, restored identity, freed those who were captive to addictions, broke generational curses and He changed me in the process. We saw God move in the mountains, in the city, in the streets, in houses and in the hearts of the Filipino people!


As I went back home after my DTS, I prayed and felt a strong pull to go back to Kona to staff a DTS this fall! That means I will first do a Leadership Track where I will train to be on staff for 3 Months starting in July. Then I will have a room of 9 girls that I will share a room with and will be discipling them starting at the beginning of October. Lastly, I will be leading a team as we are sent to a country somewhere in the Nations.


Some are called to go, and some are called to send! If You'd like to partner with me in this mission here are some ways.


I’m looking for monthly and one-time supporters to help sustain my mission. The funds would go to - living expenses, food, flights, and everyday things I would need for missions.


I would love if you would pray and ask the Lord if you want to partner with what God is doing through me. With your prayers and support, you are with me as I go ◡̈


Thank you so much ,


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