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Linda Shevkenek

Linda Shevkenek


Dear Family and Friends,

Even though this world as we know it seems to be falling apart before our eyes, I feel very compelled to step out of my comfort zone once again and have returned to the YWAM base in Kona Hawaii.

I have been accepted to serve on the Staff of the Crossroads Discipleship Training School where people over 30 will hear powerful Biblical teaching every week that will turn their hearts to God in a deeper way than they’ve known before. I will be assigned a small group of 8 to 10 women. We will meet numerous times each week for 1 on 1 time together to discuss the teaching and how it relates to them.

I will have many other responsibilities, but loving, coaching, and praying with these beautiful women will be my primary job for three months and then beyond that will be a two-month outreach into a developing country. There, we will get the opportunity to practice the things we have learned about the goodness of God to those who have not yet heard, i.e. the jungle villages of Mexico.

This will be a life changing experience for all of us, so that’s why I want to invite you to participate with me.

All staffers at YWAM are responsible for their own expenses. The monthly cost to me is $600.00 US per month. That includes a bed in a dorm with 7 other women and lunch at the cafeteria.

I promise to give this work my full-time commitment. Yes, Hawaii is beautiful, but I assure you, that is not my purpose for being here. It is my great honor to work with God to make disciples of all nations. To Know God and To Make Him Known.

Abundant blessings,


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