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Logan Ostby

Logan Ostby


Hey all!

My name is Logan Ostby, and I am a full-time missionary based in Clarkston, Georgia. Five years ago, Jesus changed my life and I quickly stepped into leadership and ministry. In the midst of that journey, I did many things for God, but often missed the main point, to know and love Him. These past few years, God has taken me back to His original heartbeat. On this journey, God has given me one desire.

To know God in the fullness, and out of an overflow of that place, be an invitation to Gen-Z leaders as well as the nations to the Father's heart.

Practically, I carry this out in three separate ministries.

Partnering with my local church Iglesia Senda to spearhead and cast vision to reach the nearby college campus (Kennesaw State University) with the gospel and working with church leadership to help better reach English speakers.

Living full-time in the most diverse square-mile in the U.S. to reach unreached people groups in one specific apartment complex with the gospel and to meet physical needs of the residents.

Building upon the favor God has given me within a community of Christian Influencers on Tik Tok and Instagram to help raise them up into leaders that last and are mature, as well as use our influence to reach people not only through social media but to make lasting impact in cities via short term trips across America.

Jesus says He is the Lord of the Harvest, which means He is in the harvest.

My goal above all else is to find Him in this field and to partner with Him in reaping the harvest.

Please consider partnering with me as I partner with our God.

All donations will be tax-deductible. All prayers will be heard.

Thank you in advance.


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