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Lindsey Martinez

Lindsey Martinez


Lindsey will be a full-time missionaries with Circuit Riders, which is a branch of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). While studying for her Economics Degree at USC, He began speaking to her about universities and also about developing nations; both of which quickly became core passions and pursuits in her life.

Her focus with Circuit Riders is primarily in evangelism and discipleship on university campuses across America. Every year she will travel to dozens of campuses from the Ivy Leagues of the Northeast to the large state schools of the Southeast as well as universities in Europe, working with teams of university students to see their campuses reached with the love of Jesus.

She is passionate about seeing the next generation of leaders know the love of Jesus, not just in America, but in developing nations and war-zones as well.

Lindsey is currently hoping to build a team of investors who will give $12,000 for her school, which will allow her to fully serve what God is doing on the universities of the nation. Would you prayerfully consider joining this team of monthly investors, or contributing a one-time gift?

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