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Laura Lutgen

Laura Lutgen



My name is Laura, you can call me Laura :). I am someone who was called at a young age to begin a missions journey and had no idea that a long-term call was what the Lord had in store for me.

I started with a training school and kept going! As I was training, I was surrounded by beautiful diversity and culture, which gave me a heart for the Pacific Islands of Samoa. As I moved forward into missions, the Lord provided me with an opportunity to serve Him with my singing voice in a cultural performing arts ministry called Island Breeze ET(Extensive Tribe).

Island Breeze is a ministry of Youth With A Mission that has been ongoing for over 40 years! I've been a part of this ministry for 9.5 years doing local and international outreach to schools, elderly homes, prisons, and performing on larger stages - all to proclaim the gospel through the arts. I served in Perth, Australia for 8 years and helped with our pioneering efforts in Thailand for nearly 2 years.

After a time in the States, the Lord is leading me back to serve Island Breeze ET in Perth for a time. I need prayer support and financial support to return to this work. Please consider partnering with me as I continue on this missions journey.


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