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Lauryn Clark

Lauryn Clark


Hi! My name is Lauryn Clark and I am a nurse from Alabama.

I grew up as a military kid for the first few years of my life and then my family settled back home in Alabama where I have been ever since.                               

After high school, I attended the University of South Alabama where I received my nursing degree. There the LORD brought me to the mission field after bringing up an organization called GoCorps. GoCorps provides job opportunities for post-grad students with a Christian mission organization for two years. This is how I found the opportunity with YWAM to serve as a missionary nurse in Papua New Guinea.  


We are not only providing medical care but also providing a way for the gospel to be translated with Oral Bible Translation! I am excited to be serving the LORD and the people of Papua New Guinea! The LORD put missions on my heart since I was a kid so this a gift to serve at such a time as this!


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