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Kyra Reale

Kyra Reale


Hey friends! My name is Kyra and as a full-time missionary, I am stoked to share with you an incredible opportunity. For more than three years, I have been a part of the Circuit Rider movement (empowered by YWAM) based out of southern California. CR is a grassroots, missional community and this generation is our mission field. We want to see evangelism trend in America. A Jesus movement has already begun here, and I am inviting you to be a part!

Together we have built several nationwide missions platforms, projects and campaigns to empower & train leaders, activate every believer, and inspire our generation to love like Jesus. We value the pursuit of America’s youth in helping fulfill The Great Commission through evangelism, discipleship and activation of gifts, passions and talents.

I have the fun privilege of serving alongside a bunch of fiery-eyed and laid-down lovers of Jesus in a culture of worship, prayer and family by staffing and mobilizing the following:


21 Project (Global Summer Program)

CR Experience (Fall & January Discipleship Training Schools – Messengers Track)

Infusion Youth Camp (For High Schoolers)


Brave Love (Women’s Movement)

The Couch (A brand set out to promote stories & under-heard voices in America)


Carry the Love (International College & High School Tour)


The Send (Missionary-sending Stadium Event 2019)

Monday Nights (Local Ministry Nights in SoCal)

Plus, I am training in administrative skills to serve our full-time creative artists (ie, in music & media).

Due to the full- time nature of this movement, I am currently building a team of investors who will give $2,000/month. Everything I do is made possible through you! Would you prayerfully consider joining my monthly investment team, or contributing a one-time gift?

Monthly Goal: $2,000

One-time Goal: $2,500

Some investors give $20/month and others give $200/month. Every donation is a great contribution! I fully trust Jesus that every investment will produce abundant fruit in both of our lives! I thank Jesus so much for people like you who see the need and meet the need.

Thank you so much,


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