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The Radcliffes

The Radcliffes


Hello! We're the Radcliffe family—Kyle, Lauren, Wells, and Silas. Since tying the knot in August 2019, we've been blessed with two incredible boys. Even before our paths crossed, we were individually called by the Lord and drawn into His remarkable plan to see his love reach every corner of the earth and every heart within it.

For me, Kyle, this calling began to take shape during my college years and became ever more apparent throughout my time in the Army. Lauren, my beloved wife, initially felt drawn towards providing medical aid overseas. However, as her faith deepened, her calling grew toward sharing the gospel.

Our story started in a church and on our first date—a hike through the breathtaking Colorado Rocky Mountains—we discovered our shared passion for serving abroad. This calling remained a constant in our conversations as we established our family, with Lauren pursuing her career as an ER nurse and myself serving as an Army Officer. Through various avenues—be it the Holy Spirit, Scripture, literature, prayer, our circle of friends, family, and more—the Lord fanned this ember into a fervent flame. Together, our family resolved to follow wherever the Lord would lead.

Our journey began with a leap of faith—we committed to receiving formal Biblical and missional training before venturing onto the mission field. This decision entailed selling all our possessions in Colorado, bidding farewell to family and friends, and relocating to New Zealand to study at Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies, a Missionary Training School. Here, we're exploring the intricacies of the Bible, Cultural Anthropology, Theology, Community Development, and a wide array of other subjects, learning alongside believers from around the world. Additionally, we're actively engaged in local outreach, particularly among refugees and migrants, gaining invaluable cross-cultural experience. Lauren dedicates her time to serving refugee youth girls at the local Refugee Center, while I assist in teaching English as a second language through a church’s outreach program.

The opportunity to academically learn from diverse cultures and gain hands-on experience while sharing the message of Jesus is an incredible privilege—a steppingstone into the mission field for us.

Post-graduation, our hearts are set on reaching displaced communities—being the tangible manifestation of Jesus, meeting physical needs, and, most importantly, tending to spiritual hunger. As we continue to pray and seek the Lord’s guidance for our next steps, we're preparing our hearts and minds for His calling.

Having stepped out in faith, confident in the Lord's placement of our family, we invite you to join us in ministry. Your partnership could mean encouragement, prayers, and potentially financial support. We're grateful for a God who invites us to partake in His grand design. We extend this invitation to join us in proclaiming His name to the ends of the earth!

Kyle, Lauren, Wells, and Silas

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