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Kacy Monroe

Kacy Monroe


My name is Kacy Monroe, and I am planning on attending Youth With A Mission (YWAM) this upcoming Fall of 2024 for Discipleship Training School!


I will be focused on learning deeper discipleship skills, Bible knowledge, and seeing the call of the Great Commission be fulfilled in the nations! Since I got saved, I've felt a calling to reach the unreached, and see God's kingdom be advanced. It started when I got super involved with the student ministry at church and became a student leader. I started to see the fruits in my life in that my heart-posture was to constantly be making disciples! I would try to bring new friends to church every week, and eventually even started a Bible study of my own that I led for a bit. My youth pastor at the time told me that he saw so prevalently this calling on my life to be a missionary, and that I have a mission-focused heart. He told me about YWAM and how he went there and encouraged me to look into it!


After lots of thorough research and prayer, the older I got the more I dreamed of going there and kick starting my future into full-time missions. I have also had an interest in Labor and Delivery Nursing/ Midwifery for quite some time now as well, and my goal is to use my unique interest in that realm to advance God's kingdom by doing Midwifery and women's ministry focused missions! I plan on attending the Life Bearers track at YWAM, and learning more about women's health and unique capabilities, as well as maternal health skills to reach the unreached in developing-world countries where they don't have the same resources.


This upcoming fall-spring, I plan on learning as much as I can about God, the Bible, discipleship, as well as women's health. After attending a DTS at YWAM Kona this fall, I plan on applying to the Birth Attendant School in YWAM Perth in Australia to further my education in ministry, missions, and Midwifery for the following two years. My objective is to see women and children of God in the nations get the resources they need to lower the percentage of death in childbirth each year, and most importantly to see the radical change in people's lives as the great commission is fulfilled.


This season has been one of preparation and deep prayer. All my past experience in church leadership, ministry, and theological research has brought me to one conclusion- the world is a broken place, and the simple gospel of Jesus must be brought to each and every nation, every tribe and tongue, and every corner of the earth in order to bring light and love to the world. Each and every soul matters, Jesus died for every person to be reached!


I am looking for brothers and sisters to join me in prayer, and/or contributing to a monthly or one-time donation. My goal is to raise a little over $10,000 to go towards my tuition at YWAM this fall. I believe and know that God has his hand on this amount and will bless any and all donations so abundantly!


Thank you for your prayerful consideration. If you are interested in hearing more in depth about my time at YWAM, please DM me your email address to be added to my monthly newsletter!


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