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Kassie Littlejohn

Kassie Littlejohn


Hey, friend! My name is Kassie.

Ever since I was a kid, my heart burned to minister to God and to minister to people. This has taken many different forms over the years, but in 2020, the Lord called me into full time ministry. He gave me the opportunity to minister to Him in a 24/7 prayer room context and this reality changed my heart forever.

My heart burns for houses of prayer to be established wherever the Lord would lead  - creating a space for God to dwell and for us as the church to minister to His heart. He loves our worship and takes great delight in it and my heart is to invite others into the ministry of the Lord and out of that place, partnering with Him in intercession and being fueled to go out, empowered by the Gospel in evangelism.

I want to extend an invitation to you to prayerfully consider investing in my life through prayer and financial partnership. Your yes is so valuable and is what enables me to cover my monthly costs of living while partnering with Jesus in full time missions.

The Lord is on the move and I have given my yes to love God, create a dwelling place for His presence, minister to people, and see the Gospel go forth in my generation. Would you consider joining me prayerfully and financially as I continue to say yes to Jesus?

With a joyful heart,


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