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Kathryn Hornibrook

Kathryn (aka KJ) is a full time missionary with the YWAM Circuit Riders and has been serving for over 2 years.

Kathryn is Canadian by birth but has lived in New York most of her youth. For college, Kathryn attended Westmont College and played on the soccer team. After suffering multiple concussions, she had to step down from the team. After this, she switched her focus to music and began to pursue her passion for worship leading.

Immediately following graduation, Kathryn served in a youth ministry at Little Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach, CA for 1.5 years. It was there where she began to feel an itch to give her life to the mission field as a career.

In 2017, she left Laguna Beach and moved to Kona, Hawaii for her YWAM DTS. Serving in Norway for her outreach, Kathryn fell in love with what God is doing in Europe! Now Kathryn has been to over 13 different nations doing missions work!

Kathryn is currently based in Huntington Beach, CA, and is a worship leader, evangelist, and is passionate about discipleship. Kathryn loves Jesus and is passionate about making him famous in all nations across the earth. Within CR, Kathryn is primarily involved in the women’s Brave Love ministry, as well as the music ministry.

Kathryn would like to thank her supporters very much for sowing into God’s calling on her life. Blessings!

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