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Krystal Cochran

Krystal Cochran


Hi! My name is Krystal – Since saying yes to Jesus 12 years ago I’ve been all over Australia, traveled back and forth to Papua New Guinea a number of times, and have been throughout Europe and Asia. I’ve slept on the floor of outback churches, on the porch of a house on stilts over the ocean in Papua New Guinea, and rocked back and forth on the bunk of our YWAM Medical Ship off remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. I have a heart for unity – between churches, generations, and cultures. I have a sweet love for the Bible – I want to see the Bible get into the hands of people and for them to experience the God of the Bible.

I am based in Germany and I am a part of a Bible distribution project where our goal is to offer a Bible to every home in Germany to strengthen and serve the local church, to see a nation transformed by God’s word. Ask anyone that knows me – I invest a lot in individual relationships wherever I go and this is a big part of ministry for me. I look for the outcast and quickly include them. I believe we all have a part to play in bringing God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

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