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Jessi West

Jessi West


Hello, my name is Jessi West.

I started attending Rock Bible church in Pleasanton, CA in 2017. Here, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Real Life Ministries in the Ensenada area of Mexico.

Twice a year I join a group of fellow volunteers, organized by my church, and we head down to Mexico and build a home from start to finish, for a family in need.

We do outreach with a vacation Bible school for children in the area. We play games, do Bible stories, crafts and prizes for the children memorizing the Bible verses.

RLM not only builds homes for those who are in need but they also work closely with a women and children’s shelter. And this last trip our church was introduced to an orphanage in the area. I’m looking forward to visiting and spending time with the children in my future trips.

I’m excited to be joining our next group in June because this will be my 10th trip and each one gets better and better!

We spend time around the campfire after each day and individually share where we are currently with God. Good or bad, we get to see others in their walk with our Lord. It is humbling but also refreshing for the soul.

During our time there, we get to work closely with our youth and teach them skills and they get to witness the power of Jesus.

Prayers are always welcomed and needed! Not only for a successful trip but for a safe one. Prayers are needed for the families we build for. May they have a home filled with Jesus, love and a new future. A future filled with happiness, positivity and ease.

Any financial support is greatly appreciated! It will be used to support me in my efforts to help each family I can help build for.

Thank you in advance!


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